Hybrid Schüco ventilation concept

Healthy room air in schools and offices

Regular ventilation is now more important than ever for a healthy room climate, especially in schools, nurseries and offices, where many people spend long periods of time in enclosed spaces. Sufficient ventilation is therefore essential for the extraction of aerosols and the reduction of the concentration of CO2 for a safe and healthy indoor climate. In order to keep the air quality in enclosed spaces consistently high, Schüco combines two system solutions into one hybrid ventilation concept that unites mechanical ventilation, heat recovery and natural ventilation.

Fresh air with closed windows

The decentralised Schüco VentoTherm Twist ventilation system, allows for controlled, room-specific air exchange with closed windows. Thanks to energy efficient heat recovery of up to 80 percent, fresh air is pre-heated as it comes in from the outside. This prevents draughts, especially in cold and wet months, and reduces the risk of catching colds. The automatic mode uses sensors to make sure that the ventilator works according to demand, depending on the concentration of CO2 in the room. In the evenings, at the weekend and during the holidays, the ventilator therefore automatically runs at reduced power if good air quality has been achieved in the room, thereby ensuring maximum energy savings. Schüco VentoTherm Twist can be flexibly integrated and retrofitted in all standard Schüco aluminium and PVC-U window systems.

Fresh air through automated windows

In addition to the ventilators, wide open windows help to quickly supply rooms with fresh air during break times. However, bacteria, germs and viruses can spread via window handles. In order to increase safety and comfort for users, Schüco offers automated window actuators which can be operated hands-free with the integration of an Automation Manager. Controlled, timed ventilation can be managed using mobile end devices, a timer or sensors. And so that schools and offices are not inadvertently left with open windows at the end of the day, a status overview function allows the window units to be quickly checked and closed, even while on the move. Networking using sensors also prevents windows being left open when it’s raining or if there is a storm. Even on hot summer days, automated windows create a comfortable room climate through controlled night-time cooling. With surface-mounted Schüco DriveTec and concealed Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart, the company provides two automated fittings systems for healthy indoor air in classrooms and offices.


Intelligent fittings for controlled ventilation

The automated Schüco DriveTec and Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart fittings systems combine energy efficiency, comfort, security and building automation in a single tested system. Both drive systems allow side-hung and bottom-hung windows to open at an angle of up to 60° and a width of up to 800 mm to quickly supply rooms with fresh air in a controlled manner. With Schüco DriveTec, roof windows can be opened as wide as 1000 mm. Both fittings meet standard requirements such as watertightness, sound reduction and thermal insulation. Up to 30 automated Schüco window units can be individually controlled, monitored and networked via one Automation Manager. Windows in several classrooms or offices can therefore be conveniently managed together for coordinated and controlled ventilation. Using the Automation Manager, windows controlled via TipTronic SimplySmart can also be combined with windows automated using DriveTec. Alternatively, both drive systems can also be operated using a wall-mounted switch. The primary difference between Schüco DriveTec and Schüco TipTronic lies in their installation. Schüco DriveTec is a surface-mounted drive system for Schüco aluminium windows which can be retrofitted. Thanks to its slim and compact casing, the fittings system lies flat on the window profiles and features an impressively subtle design. The different installation options mean that Schüco DriveTec can be retrofitted quickly and flexibly while the building is still in use. Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart is a concealed fitting. The concealed installation of the fitting means the appearance of the window is not affected. At the same time, Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart provides finger-trap protection up to the highest class of 4 and achieves burglar resistance up to RC2.


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Hybrid Schüco ventilation concept