Burglar-resistant windows, doors and facades from Jansen

Structural building security with steel profile systems

The growing need for security on the part of building owners and operators is reflected in an increasing demand for burglar-resistant systems. The high resistance of steel predestines steel profiles for the realization of the highest structural security standards.

With VISS RC4, Jansen is launching a further development of the RC3 burglar-resistant system solution for high-level property protection. Visually identical to the standard VISS façade, the VISS RC4 design does not reveal any visible burglar resistance.

New on the market is the multifunctional door Janisol 2 with tested burglary protection up to RC3 with simultaneous anti-panic function. It enables complete automation and thus contactless passage – an argument that should not be underestimated from a hygienic point of view. The Janisol 2 EI30 RC3 system can also meet fire protection requirements. Buildings or building sections without thermal insulation requirements can be made burglar-resistant with Economy 60 RC3.

In the window sector, too, different requirements for burglary protection (up to RC3) and thermal insulation can be realized with steel profile systems from Jansen. The filigree window system Janisol Arte, for example, enables RC2 solutions that meet the highest architectural demands. For large openings, the Janisol lift-and-slide door is another solution tested to RC2.

The advantage of the system solution with steel profile system from Jansen is that differentiated solutions can be realized in a uniform view, and further requirements – such as fire protection, bullet resistance or sound insulation – can be integrated visually invisibly. This enables simple, safe and rational planning and processing.

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Burglar-resistant windows, doors and facades from Jansen