Unique design with maximum freedom for individual building design.

Steel stands for design, aesthetics, durability, safety and filigree. Very slim profile dimensions bring more light and more freedom for creativity. World-class designers make use of Jansen windows, doors and facades made of steel for unique objects, down to the smallest detail. With the multiple award-winning Janisol Arte system, Jansen not only offers architects and planners an attractive alternative for the renovation of industrial and loft glazing, but also enables modern solutions in private residential construction. The face widths, reduced to the extreme, ensure a unique design. See for yourself!

Security, tested and certificated

On an objective level, expectations around the issue of safety and security tend to be subject to national standards. However, as individuals, we all have our own ideas about what is and isn’t safe. People view safety as a basic need and tend to seek out refuge and a sense of security in the buildings, cities and spaces that surround them. There is a range of timeless solutions that have been used for generations to address objective requirements (such as protection from fire, burglary, gunfire or explosions), as well as more subjective needs (clarity, brightness, orientation, etc.). With its signature Swiss precision, Jansen meets the highest standards of safety and quality, while also making a distinctive architectural statement with its bold yet delicate design language.