Barrier-free thresholds with Schüco windows, doors and sliding systems

Comfortable living for everyone

Planning, designing and equipping buildings to provide ease of access has increased in importance in order to create living spaces in which people feel comfortable. The focus is not just on residents with restricted mobility or cognitive impairments, but people of all ages at any stage in their lives. As moving, functional construction units, windows and doors are of particular importance, as it should be possible for all residents to use them without constraints. The barrier-free, level thresholds in Schüco systems not only offer all-round comfort and convenience, they also enable everyone to access buildings independently.


Window doors

Schüco AWS barrier-free balcony and patio doors were developed to meet every requirement in terms of comfort and design. The Schüco AWS barrier-free window door can be fitted with a level threshold which enables a trip-free transition between indoors and outdoors. The threshold achieves Class 6, the highest classification stipulated by ift Rosenheim’s guideline “Determining and classifying the rollover capacity of thresholds (BA-01/1)”. Wheelchair users, small children and people with walking aids can cross the threshold safely without any issues. A threshold gasket with delayed hydraulic lowering ensures an effortless closing process, while the Schüco fittings in the vent frame enable easy, manual operation (Class 2 operating forces). The following systems can be designed with level thresholds: aluminium window and window door constructions Schüco AWS 70.HI, AWS 75.SI+ and AWS 90 SI+ (70, 75 and 90 mm basic depth) as well as PVC-U window doors from the Schüco LivIng and Schüco LivIng Alu Inside series.


Entrance doors

To enable all residents to access buildings easily and independently, entrance doors in particular need to be designed to be barrier-free.

The Schüco AD UP (Aluminium Door Universal Platform) door system meets the requirements of DIN 18040 for threshold-free access in residential and commercial buildings. The cross-product construction principle of the barrier-free level threshold can facilitate unrestricted access to buildings. Ift guideline “Determining and classifying the rollover capacity of thresholds” (BA-01/1) is also met in full, achieving the highest possible classification (class 6). Furthermore, all of the usual requirements for a door, such as the watertightness and air permeability, are met to a high standard. The door system with the barrier-free, level threshold also offers burglar resistance up to RC 2. An additional, automatic side-hung door drive offsets the operating forces to facilitate ease of access without having to operate the door manually.


Sliding systems

In addition to windows and doors, sliding systems also need to meet specific requirements to make them easy for all residents to use, regardless of whether or not they have mobility issues. Level thresholds are therefore a necessity here too. The Schüco ASE 60 (Aluminium Sliding Element, 60 mm basic depth) and ASE 80.HI (Aluminium Sliding Element, High Insulation, 80 mm basic depth) aluminium lift-and-slide systems as well as the Schüco LivIngSlide PVC-U lift-and-slide system all meet these requirements. The barrier-free, level threshold in particular provides additional convenience, for an even transition between inside and outside. Other standard requirements like effective thermal insulation and burglar resistance to RC 2 can easily be combined with the level threshold for the aluminium and PVC-U lift-and-slide systems.

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Barrier-free thresholds with Schüco windows, doors and sliding systems